Sunday, January 27, 2008

We received this E-mail (not edited, apologize for formatting):

Imagine a Fleet of Ron Paul cars, trucks and vans roaming the streets strategically in high traffic areas 24/7 until and on Election Day!


Let's make Ron Paul signs the last thing people see before they

Some people do not decide who they will vote for until they arrive at their voting station. We can have an impact on those voters. I
have heard people in past elections say to sign wavers at voting stations,
?I don't know who you are, but because you are here, I just voted for your
candidate.? It sounds crazy, but it is true.
Every voting station should have a sign wave on your election
day. (Take the whole day off work so you can really make a difference). Itis usually
a long day so be prepared. Our voting day in AL is from 7am to7pm. If you cannot muster enough support in your area to cover all the voting
stations, then go out the night before, and put several signs
around the voting booths that won't have sign wavers. Also, if sign wavers
can't be there all day (7 to 7) at least try to be there for peak voting
hours such as early commute, lunch, late commute. Unattended signs should be
put up late the evening before voting day so they won't be taken down.
Don't just post signs at the stations near you, check the counties around
you as well. We need everybody to do this!You can get a precinct list from your Secretary of StatesOffice, or they should be able to tell you where you can obtain one.They maytell you to check with your local Probate Judges Office. You can try searching Google for their web sites. Sometimes they have the list on one of their
sites. If they do not, their phone numbers should be there. Many times
this list tells which precincts (voting stations) have the largest turn
out. This is helpful in deciding which stations to sign wave at, and which to
just put signs up at. You can also get in contact with your state
coordinator, or someone else in the campaign, who might have access to votervault
information for your state. With it, you could possibly narrow it
down even further, knowing which precincts are heavier on Independentsor Republicans.
At least wave at your own voting station, or the largest one in
your county if someone else isn't covering it. This is something
everybody can do, it is easy and fun. Take the family, pack a lunch, make a day of it that you'll never forget.
If you live near another state that is having their primary on a
different day than yours, drive on over and help out your neighbor state
with this effort on their voting day as well.

Note: Check your state law concerning how close you can get to a
station during an election to either sign wave or place signs.
Once again,
check the Secretary of State or Probate Judge web sites for this
information. In Alabama you must be more than thirty feet away
from the
entrance of a voting station. You might want to take along
material to
pass out for those who ask questions before voting.

If you have questions; call us at 256-729-8867

Please pass this on.

Instead of signs, we should use our cars. Our cars are free advertising space that every Ron Paul supporter can donate at no cost!!! Mobile billboards we don’t have to pay for?

~*~Imagine a Fleet of Ron Paul cars, trucks and vans roaming the streets strategically in high traffic areas 24/7 until and on Election Day! ~*~

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